Concentration is the Key

At least for me, Tonic Clonic seizures result in memory loss and difficulty concentrating. As a woman and someone with epilepsy in an academic position, I cannot afford to be forgetful and scatter-brained. People do not understand the result of a seizure and often fail to accept the symptoms like they do the flu, asthma and even allergies. Put simply, this ignorance means I cannot afford to allow my symptoms to affect an excellent standard of work. The lack of understanding, no matter how small is everywhere.

So what am I doing about it? Well complaining certainly won’t solve anything! Instead I have started my first 2000 piece puzzle. I call it complete insanity supported by a close friend! It is a poster-sized picture of a concert hall complete with choir, pipe organ, orchestra, grand piano and audience. Imagine “Where’s Wally?” as a musical and you have some idea of the difficulty. The following three things are a consequence as I work towards its completion:

  • The puzzle has forced me to concentrate and focus;
  • My memory is improving as I remember images and look for matching pieces; and,
  • This quiet activity is enjoyable shared with a friend. We have both shared giggles and our frustrations.

I doubt we will finish this before school (aka work) resumes on the 19th January, however it is certainly waking my brain up for another busy year.


3 thoughts on “Concentration is the Key

  1. No regrets – I agree. You inspire and your strength encourages others to keep stepping forward. Congratulations on each step. I am awestruck as I witness your journey. You are one of those rare gems we might be lucky to encounter in life – remember this and continue to believe.


  2. Only just found this blog through another person’s and reading through the archives. I also value my academic and intellectual ability and get frightened when I feel them slipping away from me- I call it ‘feeling a cloud hanging over my head’. When I got out of hospital last all I could do was jigsaws- they kept me sane!!

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    1. Thanks for your comment epilepsynottingham! I have been away from my blog for months now.
      It has felt like there are just too many things to get out of my head. And I didn’t know where to start until today. I hope you are well!


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