It’s All About Perspective

Quote for the week comes from my College Chaplain who said:

“Life is short. Take the scenic route!”

 We had just attended the funeral of a mother taken too early. One of the boys was checking that he would be back in time to catch the bus.  It was perfect timing.   In that moment, I think we all realised that life really is short. The time we spend winging about work, family, money, and health is unimportant. If we turned our focus in the other direction, we would certainly be much happier, healthier and fulfilled. So today instead of focusing on the sad and frustrating things, I am going to try and write about all things uplifting.

Many years ago as part of my undergraduate degree, I took a course in creative writing. I excelled in stories and poetry about adultery, revenge, vampires, blood, emptiness and death. There is something easy about writing sad stories. We casually joked that it may be a psychological problem of mine until the lecturer forced us to write something positive. He said that stories and poetry with uplifting and positive messages are difficult. Even Shakespeare struggled with the concept. So as I attempt to write this uplifting post, I am challenged once again.

Honestly, I have had a very messed up week. It is a knotted jumble of the good with the bad.   Mostly, I am pre-occupied with the exciting news that I will soon own and love a Havanese puppy. In a crazy twist, the litter was born last Friday 13th. They are black with white patches and one of them will be mine in June. In amongst this, I learnt of and attended a very difficult funeral. I cannot express the pain I had watching two teenage boys act as pallbearers for their own mother. Whilst, it is not an image I am going to forget anytime soon, it does motivate me to live well, foster healthy relationships and to smile often!

So back to the puppies! As a first time puppy owner, I am thankful for YouTube and all the many people who have shared their methods for toilet training a puppy! I have heard everything from “go potty” to “release”. It really is quite entertaining stuff.   I am also enjoying trolling the online pet stores for crazy and cool ‘puppy stuff’. If you haven’t seen a puppy booster seat for a car, you have not spent enough time doing your research.

Names are an interesting thing. Everyone is willing to share his or her own unique ideas. So I began my own possible list of boy and girl puppy names. My stepfather thinks I should call it ‘cat’. My man on the other hand likes ‘Satan’. I did like Johann after the composer Johann Sebastian Bach. It occurred to me that you could call, “Johann!   Bark!” But perhaps that is is only funny in musical circles?

In the end, and over a bottle of sparkling Shiraz, I have decided on one boy and one girl name. Given I don’t have to name the puppy until he or she is five weeks old, I will hold off making my choice public. You never know what I could think of in the meantime.

As I sign off, I am reminded that there are only nine school days left before Easter holidays! Yippee! And remembering the title of my blog site, Adventures with Epilepsy I am thankful that I continue to remain seizure free.

What great adventures might I have this week?  I’ll tell you about them soon.

In memory of all the people we love!


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